The Basics

I am putting this site together to try to collect my head in one place and share with others. Be sure to read the about me to know where I'm coming from. I see this as a source that catalogues some different ways of thinking of nutrient deficiencies. I'm absolutely sure that it's not a complete list - it's just what I've come across. I want to put this information out there as leads for you to do your own research. Hopefully I can help you put some of the pieces together as you try to figure out your detox puzzle.

For now, I'm putting the information up and leaving you to verify it yourself. After the basics are up, I'm going to fill in with references for everything that I can. If you're really curious and don't want to wait :) ask me at heal thyself (shannon) or MDC (whoMe). Some of the links are at heal thyself or here.